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Hi, I'm Sareeta Zaid, the author of this blog The Intrepid Pea. I am an archaeologist (also trained in anthropology) based in Sydney, Australia. I recently completed my PhD in archaeology and have a background in academic writing. This blog has developed from my love for archaeology, material culture (artefacts and objects) and heritage, which is all around us throughout the world. 

Knowing where we come from and the history of the world around us is key to shaping us as people and impacts our future. Through this blog I will share my journey and exploration of archaeology and our material culture, which exists in varied locations from our own backyards to vastly different places around the globe.

By writing about different aspects of material culture and heritage in my hometown of Sydney, as well as places I have travelled to or researched in Australia and beyond, I hope to share my passion with readers from all walks of life who are interested in the human past.

I would love to hear from you! Email me at sareetazaid@gmail.com or comment below any of my articles. 

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